About Us

DHM or Daily Halal Market started on June 15th 2020 by Desh enterprise. The company has an extended history of doing business with a proven track record of success. DHM management has always valued and emphasized quality, customer satisfaction, and the organizational brand value it has created. The interior of the shop has been completely transformed and the grocery section has been made much larger and has also been appropriately organized.

DHM has the right to proudly declare that it is the sole Halal shop that only HAND SLAUGHTERED chickens and chicken pieces.

As DHM never stocks meat and poultry, the variety of available meat and poultry (100% hand slaughtered) is always fresh and satisfying. Keeping in mind the customer’s budget, the various types and cuts of meat here are always affordable and the price is market competitive.

Additionally, a good variety of Bangladeshi and local fishes and complementary vegetables are offered in the store. The fishes are kept fresh, are moist and prices are kept as favorable as possible. There are innumerable links on our Facebook page on how to cook Bangladeshi and local fish to cater to different buyers and consumers.

Afghani, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Indian, Sri Lankan, and other necessary groceries are available at DHM. Every day new items are put on the shelf as per the demand and feedback of/ from the customers.

DHM is working hard to become a trusted retail and butcher shop for all communities.